Client First Conveyancing & Property Litigation

We provide a wide range of property legal services to commercial and private clients in England and Wales. Our focus is ensuring efficient communication between both ourselves and our clients.

We believe that by putting you at the heart of everything we do, we can solve your problems, meet your goals and provide you with the best advice.

Client First Conveyancing & Property Litigation

Formerly known as Paragon Legals…

We provide a wide range of property legal services to commercial and private clients in UK. We are highly committed to the delivery of first class service.

We believe that by putting you at the heart of everything we do, we can solve your problems, meet your goals and provide you with the best advice.

Your property legal issues are our business.

Our experienced team offer expert advice on all

property transactions ranging in complexity.

Our services include:

Residential conveyancing

Including the sale or purchase of freehold and leasehold properties. We understand how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to buy or sell a property, which is why we aim to make the process as streamline and hassle-free as possible with our professional conveyancing services.

Commercial Conveyancing
Commercial conveyancing can be complex, and our team have the required skills to provide full commercial conveyancing services for all types of property transactions and leases.
Auction Properties
Our team can help you with the legal work required to buy and sell at auction.

When purchasing at auction, it is prudent to have the auction pack reviewed by a legal advisor prior to bidding. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a comprehensive and efficient review of the legal pack to assist you with making an informed decision. Upon your successful bid, we will work to ensure you reach completion within the time frame stated within the special conditions of the contract.

When selling at auction, you will be required to provide a legal pack which we will create, ensuring all legal documentation is included for your potential buyer to review.

New build purchases
Our team has extensive knowledge and specialises in new build transactions, both in buying and selling for large developers and individual clients
Transfer of Equity
The transfer of equity is the addition or removal of a party from title deeds of a property. Transfer of equity can take place for multiple reasons and our highly experienced team are dedicated to making the transfer as simple and stress-free as possible.
Whether your current mortgage is coming to an end, or you’re looking to release equity from a property, we have extensive experience working with banks, building societies and other specialist mortgage lenders, enabling us to complete your re-mortgage transaction swiftly
Lease extensions
Our team is experienced in assisting tenants with lease extensions, both voluntary and statutory. You may want to extend your lease as it is becoming close to the marriage period (around 80 years) and it would become significantly harder to sell or obtain a mortgage on the property. There are two key routes for this, the informal route which is direct negotiations with the landlord or the statutory option. We can discuss the options and decide the best approach.
Lease variations
In some circumstances it may be necessary to alter the existing lease, for example if your ground rent clause is unacceptable to lenders. The way this is done is by a formal deed of variation, our team have a wealth of experience in drafting and approving these.
Rent-to-Buy/Lease option
This route grants a lease for 3-7 years in which the renter will pay a premium and continue to rent the property during the lease period. In return they have the option to exercise the right to purchase the property, either during or at the end of the agreed lease, for a fixed market value. Our team can draft and review the option agreement to ensure its adequacy.
Private Investor Finance
Whether you are obtaining or providing private investment, we can draft and approve agreements and ensure that adequate security is registered against the property, protecting all parties.
Title division
Separating the title to a plot of land can be complex, our team are knowledgeable and have the expertise to ensure the plots divided have all the necessary rights to enable a successful development to take place on the land
Deed of Trust

If you are buying with a partner, however not providing equal contributions to either the purchase price or the ongoing maintenance of the property. You may wish to consider having a document that establishes the amounts/percentage of any equity on sale of the property. Our team can ensure this is correctly drafted and registered with HM Land Registry, protecting all parties involved.

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